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GO(P) No. 90/2016/Coop dated 29/08/2016 Exemption - General Body Meeting & Audit

Exemption from KCS Act - Section 28 (1)- Election on Ward Basis - GO

Exemption from KCS Act - Section 29,63,64 and Rule 64 - GO

Exemption from section 16A & 19A and rule 18A Active Membership

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KCS(Amendment) Rules 2014 - Rule 91(2) Draft

Excemption from provision of clause (e) of Rule 46 of KCS ACT

KCS (3rd Amendment) Ordinance - 55 of 2013

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KCS Rules amendment- Revision of Audit fee

Exemption from section 31A- GO

Exemption from section 28(1)- GO

Exemption from section 16A & 19A- GO

The Kerala Co-operative Societies (Second Amendment) Act, 2013

KCS Rules-  Rule 44 Amendment.

The kerala Co-operative societies (amendment) act 2013

KCS Rules amendment 2013

KCS (Amendment) Act 2012 - ACT 13 of 2012


Kerala Co-operative Societies Act 1969 (Act 21 of 1969) , is the Act relating to the Co-operative Societies in  the state.  This Act has come in to force on 15.5.1969.  This legislation specifically repeals section 110 of the Madras Co-operative Socieities Act 1951 (Act 10 of 1952).  The act has consolidated amended and unified the law relating to the co-operative Societies in the State.

1.Section 2.Definitions (a)”apex society”, (b) “bye-law”. (c) “circle, Co-operative” union”, (d) “central Society”. (e) “Committee”, (ea)”Co-operative Arbitrationcourt”(eb)”consortium lending scheme”, (ec) “Co-operative development and welfare Fund”, (f) “Co-operative Society”(g) “Co-operative Society with limited liability”, (h) “Co-operative Society with unlimited liability”, (ha) “Deposited gurantee scheme”, (hb) “director of co-operative audit”, (i)”dispute”, (“District Co-operative Bank”, (ib) “Federal Co-operative Society”(0) “Financial Bank”, (k) “General body meeting”, (l) “Member”, (m) “Normal to Associate member”, (n) “Officer”, (o)”Prescribed”, (oa)”Primary Agricultrual and Rural Development Bank”, (ob) “Primary credit society”, (oc)”Primary Co-operative Agricultural and Rural Development Bank”, (p)”Registrar’(q)”Rules”,  (qa)”Scheduled castes”, (qb)”Scheduled Tribes”, ( r ) “state”, (ra) “state co-operative Bank”, (rc)”State Co-op .election commission (t)”TYribubunal”, (ta) “Urban Co-operative Bank’, (tb) “Vigilance  Officer”, (U) “year”.

2.Section 2(p) It is specifically mentioned in the Registrar include any person on whom the powers of the Registrar under the section are conferred.

3.Section 7 (i) (c) Societies exempted from over lapping

(1)  Housing Co-operative Societies

(2)  General Marketing Co-operative Societies

(3)  Rubber Marketing Co-operative  Societies

(4) Hospital and dispensary co-operative Societies

(5)  Labour Contract Co-operative Societies

(6)  Tourist Developments Co-operative Societies

(7)  Printing Co-operative Societies

(8)  Motor Transport Co-operative Societies

(9)  Consumer Co-operative Societies

(10) Canteen Co-operative societies

(11) Vanitha Co-operative  societies

(12) Social Welfare Co-operative societies

4.Section 28


If the buy-laws of the society provide, Govt./Registrar may nominate all or any of the members of the first committee including  President or chairman for a period not exceeding 12 months.

5.Section 28A(1)

Provision for Reservation of a seat each for a woman member and a SC/ST member in the committee of every society included  in the Act.  The reservation Extended to DCB, KSCB and KSCARDB.

G.O(P) 22/93 Co-op. dt.12.2.93 : Sub Section (IA) of section 28 of KCS Act 1969 (21 od 1969) the maximum term of the administrator/Administrative committee appointed by the RCS shall not exceed one year.

Sub-section (1) of section 33. Act the term of the administrator/Administrative committee appointed to manage the affairs of the Societies shall not exceed one year.

6.Section 28B

Govt.shall by notification in the Gazette constitute a co-operative Election commission for the Superintendence, direction of the control of the conduct of election to the committee of al credit, central, apex and federal type of societies in the state.

7.Section 56(2) B

Maximum dividend enhanced to 29% of paid up share capital.

8.Section 61 (1)

Established provident fund for employees who opt for pension.

9.Section 63(1)

The responsibility of conducting Audit in the co-operative has been vested with the director of Co-operative Audit instead of Registrar of Co-operatives.

Section 69.  Amendment  Revised authorization are made to the Arbitration  cases. (Rule 67-68)

10.Section 70(4)

Transfer of arbitration reference under clause (b) and reference (b) (c) under clause (v) of the section shall not be made to person equal or superior to him in rank.

11.Section 74A

Sanction of RBI necessary for winding up, amalgamation etc. of the insured co-op.  Bank as defined in the deposits Insurance Co-operative Act, 1961 (central Act 47 of 1961)

12.Section 80(4)

Ten percent of the post of the employees of the every Society shall be reserved for appointment from persons belonging to the scheduled castes or Scheduled.  Tribes where method of appointment to such post is by direct recruitment.  RCS (Circular 46/89)

13.Section 88(3)

The terms of officers of the members of the circle Co-op. union  fixed as five years.

14.Section 89(6)

The terms of officers of the members of the general body and of the Managing Committee of the state Co.op. Union fixed to 5 years.

15.Section 89(8)

Secretary of the State Co-operative Union is the Ex-officio member of the managing committee.  He has all the powers of an elected member of the committee.

16.Section 1 09

Empowers Govt. to make rule either prospective or retrospectively. M (Act 7 of 1988 with effect from 15.2.1988)

RULE 9 (ii)

In the Societies having 2000 members notice for amendment need be published in two vernaculars dailies having wide circulation in the area of the operation of the societies at the head office and branches and also in the notice board of the Ass.  Registrar of the circle within  which the area of the operation of the society falls


Election notification publishing in two vemacular dailies vide G.O (M.S) 12/85 ad DT.12.8.1985.

RULE 43(A)

No confidence motion procedure to be followed.

A committee shall remove the president or the Vice-president or the treasurer or any other officer of the committee from his office by a no confidence in the following manner, namely.

(i)   A notice of intention to move a no-confidence motion signed by such number of members all shall constitute not les than one third of the total strength of the committee together with a copy of the motion which is proposed is to be moved shall be delivered to the Registrar in person, by any to members signing the notice.


(ii) Any officer duly authorized by the Registrar consumed inn this behalf, shall arrange for the consideration of the motion in a meeting of the committee to be held at the office of the society on a date appointed by him, which shall not be later than thirty days from the date on which the copy of the motion referred to in clause (i) was delivered to the Registrar the said officer shall given to the members not less than fifteen clear days of notice of such meeting and of the time appointed therefore.


(iii) The officer authorized under clause (ii) shall preside over the meeting convened under this rule.


(iv)A meeting convened for the purpose of considering a motionunder this rule shall not for any reason to adjourned.


(v) No meeting under this rule shall be held, if at the time appointed under the forgoing provisions, or within half an hour from such time, such number of members as shall  constitute one half of the total strength of the committee are not present.


(vi)  As soon as the meeting convened has commenced the officer presiding at the meeting shall read it to the motion for the consideration of which it has been convened are the declare the motion to be open for debate.


(vii)  No debate of any motion under this rules shall be adjourned.


(viii)The officer presiding of the meeting shall neither speak on the merits of the motion nor be entitled to veto their on but shall regulated the proceeding of the meeting




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