Assistance to CARe KERALA(New Scheme)

Assistance to CARe KERALA(New Scheme)

(Outlay: Rs. 10. lakh)

The Scheme of CARe Kerala (Co-operative Alliance to Rebuild Kerala) consists of three projects: CARe-Home,  CARe-Loan, CARe-Grace.

CARe-Home Envisages the construction of 1500 Houses at 1st phase & 2500 Houses at 2nd phase with the total outlay of 200 crore fully funded by way of contributions from co-operative sector and the Member Relief Fund.

CARe-Loan aims to devise need specific loan products for different segments of people affected during the calamity. At present, participation under RKLS has been taken as a priority in this sector.

CARe-Grace aims to help members of the Flood affected families, mentally and socially by giving counselling and mental trauma care. The programme envisages counselling sessions, setting up of help desk to assist the deprived families to regain their confidence and to instil a sense of hop to re-build their lives.

An outlay of Rs. 10 lakh is provided as token provision intended to incur the administrative expenses for implementing the projects.