Apex Banks/Societies

Apex Banks/Societies

Apex Institutions under the Administrative Control of Registrar of Co-operative societies

  1. Kerala state Cooperative Bank (KSCB)
  2. Kerala State Cooperative Agricultural & Rural Development Bank (KSCARDB)
  3. Kerala State Cooperative Consumer Federation (Consumerfed)
  4. Kerala State Cooperative Marketing Federation (Marketfed)
  5. Kerala State Cooperative Rubber Marketing Federation (Rubbermark)
  6. Kerala State Cooperative Housing Federation (Housefed)
  7. Kerala State Cooperative Hospital Federation (Hospitalfed)
  8. Kerala State SC/ST Development Federation (SC/ST Fed)
  9. Kerala Women Cooperative Federation (Vanithafed)
  10. Kerala State Cooperative Labour Cooperative Federation (Labourfed)
  11. Kerala State Cooperative Tourism Federation (Tourfed)

Apex Institutions under Functional Registrars

  1. Kerala State Co-operative Handloom Weavers Co-operative Society (Hantex)
  2. Kerala State Cooperative Coir Marketing Federation (Coirfed)
  3. Kerala State Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation (MILMA)
  4. Kerala State Cooperative Fish Marketing Federation (Matsyafed)
  5. Kerala state Cooperative Textile federation (Texfed)
  6. Kerala State Cashew Workers Apex Industrial Cooperative Society (CAPEX)
  7. Kerala Handicrefts Apex Cooperative society (SURABHI)
  8. Kerala State Rural Womens Electronics Industrial Coop Federation (RUTRONIX)
  9. Kerala Coconut Farmers Cooperative Federation (Kerafed)

Regional and State-wide Institutions

  1. Regional Agro Industrial Development Corporation (RAIDCO)
  2. Kerala State Rubber Cooperative LTD (RUBCO)
  3. Kerala Dinesh Beedi Central Cooperative Society
  4. Thiruvananthapuram Regional Cooperative Milk Producers Union(TRCMPU)
  5. Kerala State Cooperative Institute of Information Technology Electronics& Communication Ltd(COSTECH)
  6. Kerala State Engineering & Transport Development Coop Society (KETCO)
  7. Artisans Development Corporation (ARTCO)
  8. Cooperative Insurance Society (COINS)
  9. Kerala State engineering and Infra Structure Service Co operative Society (KEISCO)
  10. Kerala State Legal metrology Licensies and Technicians Cooperative Society
  11. Kerala state Pravasi Welfare Development Cooperative Society
  12. Kerala Tourism Development Cooperative Society

Regional and State-wide Institutions under Functional Registrars

  1. Ernakulam Regional Cooperative Milk Producers Union (ERCMPU)
  2. Malabar Regional Cooperative Milk Producers Union (MRCMPU)
  3. Kerala State Agro Co operative LTD (AGREENCO)