Co-operative Movement in Kerala

Co-operative movement in Kerala is one of the most vibrant Co-operative movements in the Country. About 15624 Co-operative Societies are functioning under the administrative control of Registrar of Co-operative Societies, of which 3685 societies are credit societies. Co-operative Societies in the state have played a vital role in the economic uplift of the people particularly the weaker and down trodden people in rural areas. The co-operatives in the state have an extensive network, engaged in various promotional activities, particularly in agricultural credit, public distribution system, distribution of agricultural commodities, health, education including  professional education, housing, agro processing, SC/ST sector, women development etc. and have made an impressive progress and serve the people in diverse economic activities. The movement has made a tremendous progress in all the sectors, covering all spheres in the life of  the people. Apart from the above number of co-operative societies ,Kerala Co-operative Movement also contain the co-operative organization registered and functions under different functional registrars .

 Total Co-operatives in Kerala

Slno Particulars Number
1 Co-operatives  under the administrative control of Registrar of Co-operative Societies 15624
2 Co-operatives Regulated by other Departments 7456
3 Total 23080